COVID Testing

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Questions about COVID testing? Read our FAQs here.

If you are looking for COVID testing, text your name and “COVID” to 757-818-8020 to schedule your appointment.



What kind of Covid testing do you perform?

We do Covid-19 rapid antigen testing, which include a nasal swab and results delivered to you within 30 minutes by text message.

How accurate is antigen testing?

Rapid antigen testing continues to be endorsed by the CDC and FDA as an appropriate test for COVID-19 screening.

On occasion, some clinical situations and results may lead to a recommendation for additional confirmatory testing – such as with an additional antigen test or with PCR testing.

Full guidance from the CDC is available here:

How much does antigen testing cost?

Our COVID Clinical Consult includes:

  • A COVID-19 antigen nasal swab test
  • A concierge, drive-up, stay-in-your-car experience
  • Results in less than 30 minutes
  • A personal call from a provider for any positive tests to help navigate, “What Now?”
  • Follow-up 1-on-1 text monitoring for several days

The cost is $185.

Important: If cost is preventing you from working or creating any other financial hardship, please consider describing it for us so we can put in-place our sliding-scale program. We have a no-questions-asked sliding scale policy in-place for individuals describing economic hardship.

Is COVID testing covered by insurance?

The short answer is…sometimes.

While we do not file insurance, we do provide receipts and we are finding that people are getting reimbursed after-the-fact for testing we provide.

Note: Insurance companies generally are not covering tests that meet travel requirements, that are responding to return-to-work screening policy, and / or for general family strategic and planning (‘peace of mind’). They are / should be covering the test if you have symptoms or can describe a known Covid-positive exposure.

Also note: Individuals with high-deductible health plans will find our pricing competitive, even out-of-network, and our concierge-for-all experience – which bundles both the test and clinical consultation into a single price – truly delightful.

If you have questions, call either your insurance company or alternative testing sites to see what their policy is.

How long before results come in?

Results in less than 30 minutes, delivered by text directly to your phone. And all positive tests get a personal call from a clinician to discuss follow-up plans.

Where is testing performed?

Most of the time, we will ask you to come to a residential location in Ghent where you will stay in your car and a registered, Covid-trained nurse will come out to you. Sometimes, for groups, we can arrange onsite testing.

Do you provide PCR tests?

We have COVID-19 rapid antigen tests from BDVeritor, CareStart and Healgen. We also have COVID-19 antibody tests and Flu tests. We do not do PCR tests, but know of great places to refer, so feel free to ask.

What are your collection hours?

Appointments are generally available 7-days a week from 7am to 5pm, though we will try to accommodate outside those hours whenever possible.

What kind of payment is accepted?

Credit or debit cards are preferred, prior to scheduling your test.

If needed / case-by-case, we can take cash, check, or Venmo.

Live in Hampton Roads, Virginia? We got you.

Important note: We NEVER use text messaging for marketing and DO NOT give your phone number to anyone else. Ever. We only use the number for direct patient-related clinical care and follow-up.

Text us at 757-818-8020