Hybrid Workplace Healthcare

Percentric’s Convenient Healthcare Services

When you care about your employees and provide a wellness plan for them, they feel valued and satisfied in their careers. If you are looking to hire and retain top talent, invest in their wellbeing with Percentric. We offer three convenient healthcare services that can be delivered to your company in one package or as independent services to help your business stay happy and healthy, no matter the size.



Percentric has pioneered a new type of doctor-patient interaction that turns the typical 15-minute, dissatisfying, miss-half-day-of-work doctor visit into a multi-day collaborative episode of care that can start either with an onsite visit or directly by text message.

Your employees no longer have to take PTO for doctor visits and your workforce isn’t missing a vital team member. If employees and their dependents have a medical question, they have direct text access to their company’s physicians.

Your employees no longer have to take PTO for doctor visits and your workforce isn’t missing a vital team member. If employees and their dependents have a medical question, they have direct text access to their company’s physicians.

Some examples of questions and concerns we see:

Blood Pressure
Trouble sleeping
Viral infections
Abdominal pain
Urinary concerns
Skin rashes
Throat infections
Joint pain
Birth control
Joint swelling
Pediatric concerns
Cold symptoms
Ear infections
Eye infections
and more…

Onsite Clinics

Percentric can provide onsite healthcare as well at no cost to employees. Our goal is to provide convenient care to your company. To do that, we offer onsite clinics at your workplace, where your dedicated Percentric Physician will hold periodic onsite clinics for your employees. How’s that for convenient? Now, your employees can see a doctor on their time, whether it’s on their lunch break or in between meetings, without ever leaving work.

Clinics are scheduled at intervals that make sense to you, whether weekly, monthly or quarterly. Employees can drop-in, without an appointment. Each visit has a text based follow-up to promote success, compliance and satisfaction. If they need to speak to a doc outside of an onsite clinic day, they can always text the doc!

How does it work?

You provide a confidential space within the office building and a commitment to drive employee awareness and utilization. We bring the doctor, doctor bag, equipment, marketing materials, compassion and accountability.


Health and Wellness Consulting

Percentric also offers health and wellness consulting services to help your company meet their business goals. We provide clinically-relevant health benefits strategy and guidance to C-suites, HR teams and individual employees.

Broker-agnostic support in your boardroom, with the incentive to pursue cost saving ideas, earn employee trust and drive Percentric awareness and utilization.

Types of Healthcare Concerns we see:

Accountable Medical Executive for Healthcare
Quarterly Service Utilization Reports
(clinic and text)
Company Claims Reviews and Spending Analytics
Regional Healthcare Trends and Policy Updates
Self Insurance Education and Transitioning Support (when appropriate)
Benefits Guidance and Implementation Assistance

Why Do Your Employees Want Percentric?

Percentric’s non-primary, non-urgent concierge-for-all healthcare services are delivered at no cost to employees when and where it’s convenient to them. This model generally leads to multi-day collaborative discussions that—besides being deeply satisfying and delightful for employees—also promote workplace availability and limit exposure to unnecessary costs and expenses.

Why Do Your Employees Need Percentric?

As a rule, Percentric targets the vast, largely ignored but vitally important space between Google searches and actually going to the doctor. In this space, medical decision-making rests in the hands, hearts and minds of everyday individuals who, in most cases, have little-to-no medical training themselves. Frequently they just need a little human help.

Benefits of Convenient Healthcare

Employees Miss Less Work

Hire and Retain Top Employees

Increase Company Culture

Adopt a Company Health and Wellness Plan

Improve Employee Satisfaction

Save Money on Executive Benefits

We Care about the Health of Your Team

Percentric seamlessly combines Periodic Onsite Clinics, Convenient Doctor-by-Text and Health Benefit Optimization to deliver employee-centered, business-savvy, culture-changing healthcare. Our goal is to partner with employers that are committed to the care and wellness of their employees. Let us take care of the employees you care about.