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Are you looking to make sure your workplace is safe and up-to-date with current COVID-19 suggestions from the CDC? Percentric can offer COVID-19 testing at our testing site or at your office building. We can provide guidance on COVID-19 and testing options so your employees can feel confident in your ability to protect them and their coworkers in returning to work safely

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Looking for COVID testing? Text your name and ‘COVID’ to 757-818-8020 to schedule an appointment.

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Business advising

We are working closely with all of our clients to develop a blueprint for determining how employees can safely come- or return- to work.

See CEO Bryan Fine, MD in his webinar, Practical Considerations for COVID-19 Return to Work: A Physician’s Perspective and Customized Guidance


Our Convenient Healthcare platform- featured on Wavy News 10

Not only are we connecting with more patients than ever via our proprietary doctor by text software, PercyMD, we are offering use of the software to providers 100% FREE during the pandemic. Contact us if you’d like to access our doctor-by-text feature for your business or if you’re a provider and you want to know more.

We are always looking for business owners that are ready to prioritize the health of their employees.

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