Doctor-by-Text & Video

Need a prescription refill? Coming down with a sore throat? Text your Percentric physician like you text family and friends.


Periodic Onsite Consultations

A Percentric physician provides an on-site presence at the workplace so employees don’t have to take time off to see the doctor.



Put a compassionate, engaged doctor in your employees' contact lists.



Have a medical question about you or a family member and want to talk to a doctor real time without leaving work? Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? With Percentric, that is exactly what you get. Talk to a physician in real time via text message without leaving your desk. That’s right, with Percentric, you can text your doctor!


Refill Prescriptions

Need a refill on prescriptions? With Percentric, you no longer have to call your doctor, leave a voicemail, wait for a nurse to call you back to confirm and of course, you miss the call because your working and the cycle starts all over again. Stop calling and start texting your doctor!


No More Taking PTO to See the Doctor

Frustrated that your doctor's office hours just so happen to consider with your work hours and your child's school hours? So is everyone else. With Percentric, you can stop taking of work to see your doctor. That means no more taking PTO for doctor visits and follow ups!

What Happens When Companies Take Care of Their Employees

For every dollar spent on a Health and Wellness program, like Percentric, the company saves $5.82 in lower employee absenteeism costs.

With Percentric, your employees no longer have to take off work to see a doctor.

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62% of participants in a Health and Wellness plan said that it helped them lower healthcare costs.

Adding Percentric to your Health and Wellness plan offers a convenient benefit that saves you money.


We Bring Healthcare to You and Your Company

Access a doctor at work and on-the-go. Percentric offers convince to your employees and their families. Saving them time and the company money!



Percentric's knowledge, objectivity and real world physician experience saved us 30% on our healthcare cost...the first year.


We LOVE Percentric! They are informative and attentive...and our employees have immediate access to doctors (by text message!) to help themselves and their families with any medical-related questions.


We met Percentric at the right time. We were a bit overwhelmed and unsure how to take on some complex issues we were facing, while also keeping our employees happy. With Percentric's support, our health benefits design, implementation and management has become SO much easier.



Percentric serves clients of all sizes and in many different industries. From large manufacturing companies with multiple locations to small business like HVAC specialty services, Percentric is a modern and convient healthcare benefit for any company.

Percentric cares for the employees you care about.

Your employees’ health and wellness is vital to a company. It is our job to keep them that way. Percentric’s non-primary, non-urgent concierge-for-all healthcare services are delivered at no cost to employees, when and where it’s convenient to them.

This model generally leads to multi-day collaborative discussions that—besides being deeply satisfying and delightful for employees—also promote workplace availability and limit exposure to unnecessary costs and expenses.