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Percentric Weekly Round Up- May 2nd, 2020

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Good Afternoon,

I’m Bryan Fine, MD, MPH, CEO & Founder of Percentric. Our weekend round up includes the most important and popular stories from the past week, along with our team’s favorite stories that made us smile recently. Please share with your friends and family.

1. Percentric News 

  • We know that most of you get about a million emails a day and we appreciate that you chose to open this email- and others- from us. We hope you’re enjoying them! In an effort to not contribute to the overloading of your inbox, next week we will be cutting back the number of days that we send out our daily brief. Expect to see us in your inbox on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday next week.

2. COVID-19: Top stories of the week

  • The CDC has officially added 6 new symptoms (chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat and a loss of taste or smell) to the list of possible Covid-19 symptoms. See why that matters here.
  • Governor Northam has let the orders prohibiting elective surgeries and dental care expire for Virginian. Many Dental Hygienists, however, have raised concerns about the aerosols created during dental care creating an unsafe environment for both patients and providers.
  • New research based on cell phone data shows that we are venturing away from home and the experts are saying it’s because we have “quarantine fatigue.”
  • See here for ongoing COVID-19 coverage from the CDC.

3. COVID- 19: Looking forward

  • A recently published large study has some good news about Remdesivir.
  • Even more states are beginning the slow process of “opening back up.” Remember, we still need to be practicing good hand hygiene and social distancing when out in public, even when we start going out more.  Unless, of course, you want to go back on lock down…

4. Protecting your mental health & helping you smile

  • Did you know there’s a website called Good News Network and its devoted entirely to positive stories? Stories like man’s best friend is coming through for us again as Medical Detection Dogs are learning to sniff out who has coronavirus.
  • See for a HUGE assortment of articles and resources devoted to mindfulness, including guided meditations. They are offering lots of free content and access during the pandemic.
  • Take a few minutes to watch the latest edition of Some Good News with John Krasinski. It will make you smile, plus give you some new dinner ideas.

5. Helpful links from the week

  • The city of Virginia Beach suspended the meal tax on prepared foods for 60 days starting Friday, May 1st, so take out just got a little cheaper!
  • See what Dr. Sally Goza, President of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), wants all parents to know right now about keeping kids healthy.
  • Check out this explanation from Leslie Hoglund, PhD, MEd, Clinical Assistant Professor of Public Health at ODU, to find out how the antibody tests work and why they’re so important, even if antibodies don’t always equal immunity.

6. Most Popular “Ask a Percentric Doc ” Question of the Week 

  • This weeks’s question (from a family member): So when can we open back up already?!Disclaimer, I’m neither an epidemiologist nor an infectious disease specialist. But I’ve got to say, Dr. Zubin- aka ZDogMD- breaks down what we need to know before we open back up- and why we need to know it- pretty succinctly in this video. How can I argue with, “We need to science the crap out of this?”

Stay safe, smart, and sane.


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