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Percentric Weekly Round Up April 25th, 2020

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Good Afternoon,

I’m Bryan Fine, MD, MPH, CEO & Founder of Percentric. Our weekend round up includes the most important and popular stories from the past week, along with our team’s favorite stories that made us smile recently. Please share with your friends and family.

1. Percentric News 

  • Our little e-newsletter has grown quite a bit in subscriptions since we got started last month. Welcome to all our new subscribers! Feel free to forward this e-newsletter to your friends and family and use our Ask a Percentric Doc link for any questions you might have.
  • This week, I had my video debut. I think it turned out ‘all right’.
  • At Percentric, we’re working overtime to bring needed healthcare and professional advice to people who are worried about interacting with in-person care right now with our unique doctor-by-text feature. Contact us if you’re interested in accessing this feature for your business.

2. COVID-19: Top stories of the week

  • This week brought lots of news of protesters in some states are demanding current social distancing regulations be lifted as part of the ongoing struggle to balance public health concerns with the staggering economic impact of the virus.
  • Several states announced measures to begin lifting restrictions put in place to stem the tide of COVID-19.
  • If you really just want a picture, diagram, or simulation to help things make sense, you HAVE to check out this round up of awesome resources for understanding and tracking COVID-19.
  • See here for ongoing COVID-19 coverage from the CDC.

3. COVID- 19: Looking forward

  • New modeling released this week predicts when states will likely be able to lift social distancing regulations and “reopen.” See where your state is here.
  • This remains one of my favorite resources for the latest COVID-19 map and case count with forward projections.

4. Protecting your mental health & helping you smile

 5. Helpful links from the week

  • There’s been some concern over the security of using Zoom for work meetings in this new age of teleworking. Get the details on how they’ve stepped up or see what your other options are.
  • The Girl Scouts have announced they have way too many cookies because of the effects of Covid-19 on their season. You can order cookies to be donated to first responders and medical providers (or just to you, no judgement!) here.
  • Apparently, you should be putting nylon stockings on your face. Yes, really.
  • Check out any of the downward dog apps to help you keep moving your body. All of them are free through the month of May for everyone, and through June for students, teachers, and healthcare workers.
  • Some experts are saying you’re probably spending more time than you actually need to on homeschooling.
  • See this article for a handy list of even more local restaurants that have developed their own markets where you can get grocery basics

6. Most Asked “Ask a Percentric Doc ” Question of the Week 

  • One of the ways to be a good doctor is knowing when you should “refer out” for a little help when taking care of your patients. Rather than give you my opinion today, I waned to share with you the most comprehensive list of coronavirus questions- and more importantly, ANSWERS- that I’ve come across. From science, to mental health, to money, to how to help others, to how to get help yourself, they really have it covered. Trust me, you want to check it out.

Stay safe, smart, and sane.


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