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Percentric Brief May 8th, 2020

Coronavirus digital discussion

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Good morning,

I’m Bryan Fine, MD, MPH, CEO & Founder of Percentric. This e-newsletter – always evolving – focuses on keeping you well by addressing both non-COVID-19 and COVID-19 health concerns. We work hard to keep it real, and real-time.

1. Percentric News

Our proprietary software, PercyMD, that we developed to support our doctor-by-text platform, got a little shout out online last week. Pretty cool stuff!

Just a reminder, we have cut back our brief to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You can check out our blog here if you’re missing us!

2. Covid-19 update

As more states begin re-opening various parts of the economy, remember that this virus hasn’t just gone away, and a new study says it may continue to be a pandemic for up to 2 years– and it could get worse before it gets better.

3. To tell or not to tell?

I came across this article yesterday about the moral dilemma of “snitching” on people who are “breaking the rules” of lock down. No comments- or judgments- from me either way. Just thought it was interesting food for thought.

4. Virtual graduation with some special guests

Check out the latest installment in John Krasinski’s Some Good News to see a one of a kind graduation celebration and find out who 2020 grads got as their virtual commencement speakers. Guaranteed to make you smile.

5. Ask a Percentric Doc

Today’s question: “Hi doc. Can you refill my losartan? I’m almost out.”

This is a question I got a couple days ago via our doctor-by-text platform. (On their end, it was as easy as just sending a text. No calling your doctor’s office, no pressing 3 and staying on hold for 4 minutes, no leaving a message with a nurse and waiting for a call back. Just sending a regular ol’ text.) The answer to this question was absolutely yes! COVID-19 may be dominating the airwaves right now, but other health concerns haven’t just disappeared. We’re here to help, whether your question is, “Do I have COVID?” or “Can you refill my prescription?”- and everything in between.

Stay safe, smart, and sane.


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