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Percentric Brief May 6th, 2020

Coronavirus digital discussion

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Good morning,

I’m Bryan Fine, MD, MPH, CEO & Founder of Percentric. This e-newsletter – always evolving – focuses on keeping you well by addressing both non-COVID-19 and COVID-19 health concerns. We work hard to keep it real, and real-time.

1. Percentric News

In case you missed the announcement this weekend, you’re going to see a little less of us in your inbox. We know that most of you get about a million emails a day and we appreciate that you chose to open this email- and others- from us. We hope you’re enjoying them! We have cutting back our brief to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this week. You can check out our blog here if you’re missing us!

2. Covid-19 update

If you look at the national numbers- case counts and deaths- from COVID-19, it looks like we’re getting a handle on things. But it turns out, if you separate the data from New York from the rest of the country, a concerning trend is emerging.

3. NASA’s “out-of-this-world” solution

See the innovative solution that a team of engineers at NASA have come up with to make sure hospitals have the ventilators they need.

4. Protect your mental health

As many experts warn of a growing mental health crisis across the country, take the time to try some of these tips to foster happiness during difficult times.

5. Ask a Percentric Doc

Today’s question: “Did the CDC really admit there are 30,00 fewer deaths from coronavirus than they were saying before? How could they have gotten the numbers so wrong?”

I saw this particular claim on both social media and in my messaging inbox. The short answer is no, the CDC didn’t “erase” 30,000 COVID-19 deaths. The current estimated death toll is over 71,000 in the US. See this article for the details on where this claim came from and why it’s not true. Side note- while you’re at it, you might want to check out the rest of the site for some fact checking. They have a whole feed on coronavirus stories, so the next time you see a claim that makes you worried or angry, you can check out if it’s really true before getting upset.

Stay safe, smart, and sane.


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