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Percentric Brief August 6th, 2020

Coronavirus digital discussion

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Good morning,

1. Practical Content – A COVID-19 Return-to-Work Example

I posted a detailed return-to-work example on LinkedIn this morning. It’s a good example of why flowcharts are so difficult to make ‘absolute’ and why employers are really stuck b/t rocks and hard places in interpreting COVID’s shifting canvas.

2. Percentric News – Software / Gnymble

Well, some of you may know that we’ve actually built our own software to do-the-doctoring, with an interface that easily integrates text messaging with important documentation needs. We’ve also adapted the software for use in a non-medical setting, to promote employER-employEE communication using SMS. This week, we got a huge shout out in an international keynote from Claris, a software company subsidiary of Apple. You can see what they said here (35s) and here (3m).

3. COVID Testing – A Schematic

Such a complex, challenging space. I’ve provided an animation here that I think describes the different tests pretty well.

4. Keep You Smilin’ – A Grandpa-to-Be

This powerful video celebrates life.

5. Not Funny – Beirut Explosion

This powerful video captures devastation.

Stay safe, smart, and sane.


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