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Percentric Brief August 3rd, 2020

Coronavirus digital discussion

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Good morning

Well…we’re back. Think we’ll try to do this e-newsletter 1-2x / week at this point. I know, I know – please contain your enthusiasm.

1. Percentric News

Why are we back? Well, this COVID ‘thing’ has taken a turn. Even in my home, we have ‘stepped back’ our exposure risks considerably where we had loosened up a bit, including an again-smaller-circle of friends and recently cancelling a planned vacation with my family in Florida (where I grew up and where the ‘armpit’ of COVID is currently located).

2. Practical Content – A Return-to-Work Algorithm

The other reason I’m sending this out now is to provide you with something that – I hope – you find genuinely useful: A detailed return-to-work algorithm that we’ve designed based of our growing experience working with both employers and employees. This is completely free for you to use / distribute / consider. Please recognize it is intended only as a starting point.

3. COVID Testing – (Judicious) Employer-Based Programming

We have been collaborating over the past several weeks with a local lab to help employers put together a smart, actionable COVID-testing program. We believe this may be coming to fruition as soon as this week. Participation by any employer would require at the very least a) an education session for leadership re: COVID testing pros / cons / interpretation (that Percentric would provide), b) a planning session to manage utilization and c) designing the algorithm for employee access. If you’re interested in setting up a program for employees and / or executives, let me know.

4. Keep You Smilin’

Here, courtesy of Elle, is a site for COVID-related memes. Funny stuff, ya know.

Stay safe, smart, and sane.


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