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Percentric Brief August 17th, 2020

Coronavirus digital discussion

1. Practical Content

Lots of tedious exposure questions / concerns, as folks try to interpret the uninterpretable (ie: What to do with a runny nose?) in context of their own safety, the safety of family and friends, the need to make a living, and…a desire not to be ostracized by a community. When I say that every single situation is unique, I mean just that. Which is what makes this such a challenging space.

2. Daily Update

Word on the street is that SalivaDirect, a rapid test developed b/t Yale and the NBA, is the latest-n’-greatest. Details here. Typically, though, the ‘lag’ between these things becoming news and real practices / real people (not NBA players) having easy access is…considerable

3. Keep You Smilin’

If you’re not familiar with GoRemy, then…you’ve been missing out. You NEED – especially on a Monday – to check out this link, have a good laugh while most likely nodding your head a bit.

Stay safe, smart, and sane.


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