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Percentric Brief August 13th, 2020

Coronavirus digital discussion

1. Practical Content – COVID-19 Testing

We’ve fielded many calls of late from people looking to get quick testing for COVID. Accordingly, we’ve spent a lot of time researching the issue.

Our general take (to save you time): The best option – at this moment in time – for most individuals would be to seek out a nasopharyngeal PCR at-home testing kit, with an all-inclusive price point – at this moment in time – at around $100 – 140. This would require a) going to website, b) registering, c) ordering, d) receiving in 1-3d, e) returning via overnight mail and f) getting results 1-2 days later. With many of the tests, you don’t need a doctor order but will have to answer some basic screening questions.

The landscape is changing rapidly – with new antigen tests coming out, saliva-based PCR testing available (more expensive / less established) – and so the whole situation, including pricing, is very dynamic. So, our recommendation may change every couple weeks.

At Percentric we’ve selected a preferred vendor, and we work with companies to help implement targeted testing programs to bring some economies-of-scale to organizations who can’t afford to purchase, say, 20-30 tests to always have on-hand. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to discuss these details.

2. Keep You Smilin’ – Our Experience with ‘Cuy’

A short anecdote here of how our family recently dealt with an emergent health issue for one of our ‘family members.’

Stay safe, smart, and sane.


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