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How to Attract and Retain Top Talent With Health Benefits

How Expanded Health Benefits Can Attract Top Talent

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In a time some are calling the “Great Attrition,” 40 percent of employees are considering quitting their jobs in the next six months. In fact, they’re not even considering full-time employment as the primary goal for their careers. Dealing with unprecedented attrition rates of this magnitude is putting extreme pressure on hiring managers to attract and retain top talent. So what’s going on? Many employees are simply fed up with the state of their jobs and careers. They’re frustrated by benefits packages that simply don’t provide them with any tangible value.


Due in part to working from home during the pandemic, more importance is now placed on family than ever before. People are showing caution about returning to in-person workplaces and discovering the benefits of contract work over full-time employment. Companies that aren’t living up to talent expectations can expect the talent pool to dry up in the coming years.


As we return to in-person workplaces, there is a golden opportunity for organizations to evolve towards a more employee-focused mindset. This means developing a deeper understanding of what employees want and deserve. To become more attractive, companies are strategizing new and innovative solutions to fulfill the personal and professional needs of their employees. As 2022 evolves, we anticipate that organizations are going to need to make some significant changes to their health benefits packages and deliver exceptional service. 


In this article, we provide you with a potential solution to attract and retain top talent by delivering an innovative benefits package. One that will not only provide a positive employee experience, but also save your organization both time and budget resources.


Why Expanded Health Benefits Matter Now


Many organizations are still stuck in the “one size fits all” approach to employee benefits. The traditional mindset for attracting quality talent has predominantly focused on top-tier perks such as:


  • Competitive Income
  • Potential for career progression
  • Basic health benefits


What we’re seeing is that it’s not just about financial reward any longer. People do want to return to full-time work. However, they expect more from their place of employment. They want a demonstration of commitment towards a balance between work and life, not just a company statement about it. They want flexibility and control over how they can contribute their talents to an organization. 


While the traditional perks continue to be key drivers in an employee’s decision to accept a job offer, Covid concerns have shifted the priorities of your potential job candidates. They are now extremely concerned about the safety of their families and themselves as they shift back towards in-person work. They are rightfully worried about how safe they’re going to be in the workplace and they’re looking for a more robust health benefits offering. 


Companies are listening and adjusting. A recent study found that 98 percent of leaders are planning on expanding their employee benefits package to prioritize the needs of their employees. The focus has shifted towards offering benefits that support work flexibility, mental health support, and child and senior care, to name a few.


How you provide your employees with quality and timely health benefits can make a huge difference on attrition rates. Many organizations struggle to deliver health benefits that put the needs of employees first, without it creating an enormous cost center. But because of the demand caused by the ongoing pandemic crisis, health benefits are poised to become a major pivot point throughout the coming decade.


Here’s What Employees Want Most From Health Benefits


Employees want a health benefits package that is tailored to the unique needs of them and their families. They want easy access to health care providers to respond to simple and convenient care concerns and requests. For basic, non-urgent matters such as getting a prescription, employees want to access a healthcare professional that works around their schedule. 


Many organizations are leveraging new healthcare opportunities such as Onsite Clinics to address employee concerns during work hours. This is a huge leap forward in traditional health benefits packages where care is delivered outside of work, on the employee’s and employer’s clock. Without having to make an appointment, take a half-day off, and travel to and from a clinic, employees can simply drop by for an appointment and receive personalized care that’s quick and convenient.


Connecting With a Doctor by Text


We’re living in an age of transformative digital communication. Teleconferencing and digital collaboration tools are at the heart of the hybrid workplace. It would be incredibly beneficial to bring the advantages of digital communication into the corporate health benefits space. With the ability to text a doctor, employees can receive exceptional healthcare service from a network of medical professionals. With a combination of text-based communication and onsite appointments, your employees will always know their company has their back. And ultimately, this level of employer commitment makes employment extremely satisfying and essential to the wellbeing of employees.


The Business Case For Expanded Health Benefits


Tailoring health benefits to fit your employees’ specific needs can also uncover significant savings. Working with a health benefits specialist, you can ensure that you’re getting exactly the coverage that you need, while still providing an exceptional and expanded health benefits package to your employees. As well, providing onsite services can reduce PTO which saves your employees time and money while also making your teams more productive and resilient. 


Not only is your organization demonstrating a strong commitment to the health and well-being of your employees, but you’ll also empower your team to become a more efficient workforce. If you’re curious about how you can bring innovation to your organization through next-level health benefits, drop us a line. We’d love to show you how onsite clinics and texting can easily be integrated into your current health benefits offering. Together we can develop a strategy to provide patient-focused care to help you attract and retain top talent.