Solving Employee Healthcare for Businesses

PERCENTRIC is a physician-led advisory group that works with small to medium-sized companies to optimize their annual healthcare spend, reduce the complexity of managing benefits, and deliver patient-centered care.

HR Benefits

Find out how Percentric helps in sourcing health benefits and keeps employees satisfied.


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Business Owner Benefits

Find out how Percentric has helped businesses like yours solve complex employee healthcare challenges.


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Financial Benefits

Find out how Percentric reduces healthcare costs of employees without sacrificing quality of care.


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Chief Medical Officer

Physician-led guidance for tailoring your health benefits.

We'll help you explore your options, strategize your costs, and strengthen your overall healthcare investment.

Convenient Care

Access timely medical care for employees' most common needs.

A new model for employees, and their families, to access medical care. We handle the non-emergency issues such as minor physical traumas, colds, fevers, UTI’s and specialist referrals.

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Meet Percy.

Our proprietary direct and secure texting to our physicians.

Text medical questions

Convenient access to local clinicians for medical concerns and healthcare advice.

Tremendous time-saver

Protects your time and resolves the question of “Should I go to the doctor?

Available globally

Advice is available anywhere there is cell service.

Continuity of care

Gives continuity of care without the time constraints and limitations of in-person office visits.