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When does it make sense to provide employees with no-cost care?

It depends if you want to reduce current healthcare costs, or would like to give employees greater access to care. In either case, our service model is a holistic solution to care and cost for most privately owned businesses.

What is a Chief Medical Officer for companies?

A physician (or physician-led team) with clinical insight and position to help employers and employees become a healthcare savvy workforce.

How does your Chief Medical Officer team reduce our costs?

For many of our clients, we produce a net saving for their overall investment in healthcare.

  1. Increases employee productivity by minimizing their time spent off work handling healthcare issues.
  2. Reduces the number of traditional office visits for common medical concerns, thus lowering the cost of insurance.
  3. Provides executive-level guidance to regularly identify unnecessary costs and opportunities.
  4. Helps employees make wiser choices for their health and care providers.

How is text-a-doctor with Percy different from other telemedicine options?

Employee engagement via Percy is much higher than traditional telemedicine for the following reasons:

  1. Also available for employee family members and employees who are NOT enrolled in an insurance plan
  2. Texting is already an intimate part of life and preferred by most over video conferencing, phone, and email.
  3. No need to pull out a credit card because there’s no charge to use.
  4. You are immediately connected to the doctor. No scheduling, lengthy intake, or special computer equipment needed.
  5. The conversation can extend as long as needed, not just within a 15-minute window.
  6. The Percentric Licensed Physicians (PLP) are the same ones at the Pop-up Health Consults.
  7. It’s not just doctoring but guidance on billing, service providers, and any other health benefit related questions.
  8. Data are collected and aggregated for review by company leadership

Exactly how does Percy (text-a-doctor) work?

Employees and their family members use their mobile phone to access our secure (HIPAA compliant) direct-texting platform. They simply send a text to the company-assigned number for a link to the portal. The dialogue is convenient and personable.

We assist with:

  • Patient education and reassurance
  • Assessment and management of minor illnesses, symptoms, and infections
  • Medication refills
  • Medical billing
  • Questions about health or health system navigation

Conversations extend an average of three days to make sure the patient has reached a satisfactory outcome. Our proprietary record system manages the continuity of the discussion and associated medical data. Our text-a-doctor service is facilitated by the client’s Employee Assistance Program.

How do Pop-up Health Consults work?

Your Percentric Licensed Physician visits employees in the workplace at periodically designated times for work-calls and educational events. It’s the same physician delivering clinical care via our direct and secure messaging platform. Programs for Pop-up Health Consults are customized to each employer and facilitated via their Employee Assistance Program.

How does the Percentric Executive Consultant work with the executive team?

The frequency and form of engagement with the executive team are proportional to the preferences of the client, usually quarterly or monthly. The consultant advises on government regulations, healthcare options, and needs of the employee population. Employee needs and plans are determined well in advance of the annual insurance renewal period.

When would we use Percentric’s optional Chief Medical Officer programs?

Our flagship programs of Convenient Care and Executive Strategy are the starting point for all clients. They ensure we can optimize every activity for the client moving forward. We include optional programs based on the client’s needs and requests.