Financial Benefits

Solving Employee Healthcare for Businesses

Find out how Percentric reduces healthcare costs of employees without sacrificing the quality of care.

Excellent employee healthcare doesn’t have to be a financial burden on the company.

The benefit of offering premium healthcare coverage can come with the burden of unnecessary services and spending. It negatively affects everyone’s bottom line except the insurance company’s.

We help businesses navigate not just the implementation of employee health benefits, but also explore coverage options based on the size and insurance needs of the employer, thus maximizing every dollar budgeted, spent, or saved.

Are your company’s healthcare benefits requiring an ever-increasing percentage of the operating budget? You may be wondering...

  • What’s fair for employers vs employees to contribute to plans and accounts?
  • How can we be fiscally responsible while supporting a growing employee population?
  • How can we ensure our employees stay informed about their healthcare options so it costs everyone less?
  • Is our company up-to-date on current insurance market trends?
  • Where are the hidden costs we can mitigate without increasing financial risk?

We’re here to help you create a sound financial plan for supporting employee healthcare.

Contact us to learn more about how we make our current financial administrators really happy.

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Percentric’s Financial Administrators’ Happiness Examples

A few examples of what makes our current business owners really happy:

  • Insight from physicians who understand the needs of your employee population and available medical services
  • Guidance in translating company financials into health benefits selection and implementation
  • Reduction of overall healthcare expenses by providing clinical services directly to employees
  • Reduction of missed time at work due to medical reasons

What Our Clients Say About Us

We LOVE Percentric! They are informative and attentive...PercyMD allows us immediate access to doctors to help all of our team and their families with any medical-related questions.

Air Specialty Heating and AirJustin Mathews, CEO, AirSpecialty

We met Percentric at the right time. We were a bit overwhelmed and unsure how to take on some complex issues we were facing, while also keeping our employees happy. With Percentric's support, our health benefits design, implementation and management has become SO much easier.

Tidewater StaffingValerie, Human Resources, Tidewater Staffing

Percentric's knowledge, objectivity, and real world physician experience saved us 30% on our healthcare cost...the first year.

Taste UnlimitedRob Loomis, VP, Taste Unlimited