Business Owner Advocacy

Planning employee healthcare benefits is often tedious and time-consuming.

  • Deciding on plans and contribution levels
  • Managing costs year over year which never seem to go down
  • Managing employee perceptions regarding the company’s contributions
  • Determining what coverage will work as the number of employees grows
  • Giving employees affordable access to care, but also being cost-conscious

We’re here to help make your decisions cost-effective and much more appreciated!

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Designing employee healthcare just got a whole lot easier.

Using our clinical knowledge about your workforce, we take the headache out of decision-making by working directly with you on strategic and financial decisions regarding health benefits.

We also work with your HR team in the selection and implementation of health related programs by facilitating the medical questions of employees.

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Happiness Examples

Why business owners love us.

  • Their healthcare decisions look good to employees 
  • More consultative health care to employees while simultaneously reducing costs
  • Our experience in the selection and implementation of cost-effective health benefits
  • Reduction of employee missed time at work due to medical reasons
  • Physician insight and guidance for all health-related programs
  • Relieves overwhelmed HR staff

What Our Clients Say About Us

We LOVE Percentric! They are informative and attentive...PercyMD allows us immediate access to doctors to help all of our team and their families with any medical-related questions.

Air Specialty Heating and AirJustin Mathews, CEO, AirSpecialty

We met Percentric at the right time. We were a bit overwhelmed and unsure how to take on some complex issues we were facing, while also keeping our employees happy. With Percentric's support, our health benefits design, implementation and management has become SO much easier.

Tidewater StaffingValerie, Human Resources, Tidewater Staffing

Percentric's knowledge, objectivity, and real world physician experience saved us 30% on our healthcare cost...the first year.

Taste UnlimitedRob Loomis, VP, Taste Unlimited