Introducing Convenient Care

Solving Employee Healthcare for Businesses

Real healthcare that saves both employers and employees money. Sound intriguing?

Access timely medical care for employees' most common needs.

Convenient care is a physician-led healthcare model for employees and their families to address common medical needs. We safely and securely handle non-emergent issues such as minor physical traumas, colds, fevers, UTI’s, and specialist referrals while also providing education on healthcare benefits and services.

Not primary. Not urgent.
Definitely convenient.


Direct and secure texting with our physicians reduces employees’ cost, stress, and time associated with traditional office visits. Answers the question, “Should I go to the doctor?”

Onsite Clinics

In-person doctoring at your business with the same physicians your employees can message. Addressing acute care, chronic care, and medication reviews.

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Our proprietary direct and secure texting to our physicians.

Text medical questions

Convenient access to local clinicians for medical concerns and healthcare advice.

Tremendous time-saver

Protects your time and resolves the question of “Should I go to the doctor?

For illustration purposes only. Not intended to show actual care / advice given.

Available globally

Advice is available anywhere there is cell service.

Continuity of care

Gives continuity of care without the time constraints and limitations of in-person office visits.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does Convenient Care make sense for our business?

Balancing cost and access can be a financial challenge for companies with health insurance. Each visit to the doctor adds up in fees and lost time at work. Convenient Care is a supplemental benefit available to employers who want to increase employee access to medical care without the downsides of missed time and cost.

How does Convenient Care save us money?

Convenient Care saves employers money by maximizing employee productivity and minimizing the amount of time spent out of work handling healthcare issues. All employees can connect with our doctors as often as needed at no cost to them.

How does direct messaging with Percentric doctors work?

Our secure (HIPAA compliant) direct-texting platform is a benefit for all employees and their immediate families to engage one of our doctors using their own mobile phone. The dialogue is convenient and personable. Our physicians diagnose, prescribe, monitor, and answer medical and healthcare service questions.

What are Percentric’s onsite clinics?

Our physicians visit your employees in the workplace at periodically designated times for work-calls and educational events. They are the same physicians delivering clinical care via our direct and secure messaging platform. Programs for onsite clinics are customized to each employer.

What Our Clients Say About Us

We LOVE Percentric! They are informative and attentive...PercyMD allows us immediate access to doctors to help all of our team and their families with any medical-related questions.

Air Specialty Heating and AirJustin Mathews, CEO, AirSpecialty

We met Percentric at the right time. We were a bit overwhelmed and unsure how to take on some complex issues we were facing, while also keeping our employees happy. With Percentric's support, our health benefits design, implementation and management has become SO much easier.

Tidewater StaffingValerie, Human Resources, Tidewater Staffing

Percentric's knowledge, objectivity, and real world physician experience saved us 30% on our healthcare cost...the first year.

Taste UnlimitedRob Loomis, VP, Taste Unlimited